Japanese City Readies Blockchain Voting Trial

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The Japanese city of Kaga wants greater involvement of its citizens in policy decisions and is thus eyeing the use of blockchain technology to enable more people to vote on pressing matters. Electronic voting is becoming a popular use case for the novel technology with proponents saying decentralized ledger technology (DLT) could help to improve the security of government elections and eliminate voter fraud and other forms of electoral malpractices.

Blockchain-based Online Voting for Local Elections in Kaga

LayerX, a blockchain outfit out of Tokyo that specializes in digital ID is reportedly working with the Kaga government to develop an electronic voting system. The proposed voting platform will afford the city’s senior citizens living in remote rural areas the ability to exercise their franchise in various polls focusing on pivotal issues affecting the city.

Indeed, several local and national governments are pursuing blockchain adoption for remote voting especially in the fall out of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Back in August, India’s Election Commission (EC) also announced plans to study the viability of blockchain-based voting.

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According to LayerX, the e-voting system will enhance the transparency and confidentiality of the city’s election system. Commenting on the project, the digital ID firm revealed that utilizing blockchain technology solved some of the nagging issues associated with e-voting.

Indeed, electronic voting has been known to present significant cost implications due to the expensive nature of e-voting machines. Also, issues such as voter fraud and equipment malfunction are major concerns with electronic voting.

E-voting Growing in Popularity

As previously reported by BTCManager, LayerX is also developing a blockchain voting system for Tsukuba, a city in the Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan. The project is part of the Tsukuba smart city initiative as the local government seeks to achieve complete digitization of its operations.

Indeed electronic voting is proving quite popular in Japan across both public and private sectors. Earlier in December, Meiji Yasuda Life, one of the largest personal insurance firms in Japan revealed that it would utilize the novel tech for its stockholder voting exercise slated for mid-2021.

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LayerX will be hoping that its upcoming field test will go successfully. Such an outcome could go some way in reinforcing the argument for greater blockchain adoption in local and national elections.

Back in June, Russia utilized a blockchain-powered system for its constitutional amendment vote that would extend President Vladimir Putin’s tenure by 12 more years. South Korea also plans to launch online voting as part of its electioneering process by 2022.

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