Japanese E-Book Publisher Moving to DLT as Demand Increases

With many schools and bookstores still closed in Japan, Media Do Holdings is looking to satisfy the demand for e-books with DLT.

Japanese E-Book Publisher Moving to DLT as Demand Increases

Japan-based Media Do Holdings will be investing $2.8 million towards distributed ledger technology for the distribution of its e-books.

According to a May 17 article in the Nikkei newspaper, Media Do Holdings plans to invest 300 million yen — roughly $2.8 million at the time of writing — into developing a distributed ledger for the company’s e-books for the next two years starting in late 2020.

The company cited that being able to have a reliable transaction history via such a ledger for e-books makes it possible to sell used copies, and to return royalties to both publishers and writers. Media Do plans to first introduce the distributed ledger technology to My Anime List, an anime and manga social networking website and one of its holdings.

Media Do Holdings President Kyoji Fujita said:

The strength of e-books lies in the convenience of being able to purchase and use them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The situation caused by the coronavirus will allow us to recognize the value of e-books and increase their use.

E-book sales up during pandemic

The Japanese e-book distributor currently works with over 2,000 publishers and 150 online bookstores. Even prior to stay-at-home and remote working recommendations, the company reported $600 million in e-book sales for the fiscal year ending February 2020.

Media Do reported a 20% year-on-year increase in e-book sales in April possibly due to bookstore and school closures caused by the recent nationwide state of emergency in Japan due to COVID-19.

Though Prime Minister Shinzo Abe removed such restrictions for most of the country last week, major cities like Tokyo are still under a state of emergency, in effect since April 16.

Hisashi Oki at Cointelegraph Japan contributed to this article.

Japan-based JCB is partnering with local venture capital firm TECHFUND to create a sustainable blockchain-based transaction system.

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Japan’s Top Credit Card Issuer Building Blockchain Payment System

The biggest credit card issuer in Japan, JCB, has partnered with technology accelerator TECHFUND to build a sustainable transaction system on the blockchain.

According to a May 15 statement released by JCB, the partnership will utilize TECHFUND’s expertise on security token offerings (STOs) and staking to create a new platform for transactions. Also based in Tokyo, TECHFUND has a program called ACCEL BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) which aims to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies for startups and enterprises.

JCB moves towards blockchain

The financial firm has made some steps towards innovative solutions to online payments. Cointelegraph reported in December that JCB was planning to adopt a new business-to-business (B2B) payment solution based on blockchain technology.

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