Joe Kernen ‘ The Kahuna” of CNBC holds bitcoin! Says Anthony Pompliano

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Joe Kernen ‘ The Kahuna” of CNBC

Anthony Pompliano a.k.a “Pomp”, Co-founder & Partner, Morgan Creek Digital was excited to tweet about Joe Kernen revealing that he holds bitcoin.

In an online Interview with the Venture Capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, The Squawk Box anchor Joe Kernen said he holds 3% of its wealth in bitcoin.

It was a Random revelation that came up while discussing the impact of bitcoin price after the participation of The Bitcoin’s New Shark Investor Paul Tudor Jones.

It is also to be noted that, this anchor always had a questionable approach towards bitcoin but now turns out to persuade the growth of bitcoin.

By Addressing, the views of how  Paul Tudor Jones suddenly turned to bitcoin , the Interview continued by sharing thoughts on how bitcoin is believed to be a shoemaker and can perform well in the long run.

Some of the Other Big Revelations 

In Aug 2017, A Ukranian members of national legislature revealed that 3 of its members own 11,644 in total which was worth $45 million at the time.

Among the 3 Dmitry Golubov owned the highest 8,752 BTC, 2,494 were with Alexander Urbansky and Dmitry Belotserkovets owned  398 BTC.

Anthony Pompliano himself is on this series as he made a revelation of his Bitcoin Investment. On Bitcoin. On July 5th, in an exclusive interview with cointelegraph, He explained his investing strategy towards fiat currency.

Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and owner of NBA’S Dallas Mavericks, Who was Skeptical about bitcoin investment revealed that he Owns $130 Bitcoins . He revealed in a Recent Pomp Podcast .


After the halving, the bitcoin price is at ranging low but the market is Positive and the moment is Bullish. With the Pandemic effects like Stimulus rewards and money injections into the economy, bitcoin is likely to have more users.

Although, there has been an impact on mining pools, by the exchanges and crypto service providers have increased visitors. We can see a Debatable future coming ahead and the price is anticipated to break $20,000.

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