Justin Sun Allegedly Fixed His Own Poll with Bots to Win Vote Against ETH 2.0

TRON founder Justin Sun recently held a poll on Twitter where he asked the question: ‘TRON 4.0 vs. Ethereum 2.0: Which one is better?’

The poll had Ethereum 2.0 widely in the lead with 72.2% of the 20,300 votes cast. However, the results were soon flipped on their head. Hours later, TRON was leading with another 30,000 votes cast seemingly out of nowhere.

Many caught on to what was going on and began to accuse Sun of buying votes to sway the results in his favor. The current going price for 30,000 votes amounts to around $990 as one Twitter user (@weidustin) pointed out. That doesn’t seem like a good use of investors’ money.

Just to further bring the point home, the first 20,000 or so votes had an engagement rate of 7.7%, while the next 30,000 or so votes only had an engagement rate of 1.7%. Something fishy happened and people definitely took notice.

As The Crypto Monk (@thecryptomonk) pointed out, Justin Sun has over 2M followers but such a tiny fraction of that actually engages with his tweets.

Justin Sun has been trying to pick fights with Ethereum to give TRON a boost as of late. As BeInCrypto reported recently, Sun promised to ‘100% sponsor‘ anyone who is seeking damages stemming from the 2016 DAO hack. This reopening of old wounds is an opportunistic attempt to keep TRON relevant.

In all, this poll seemed so important to Sun that he was willing to pay for fake votes — which has now been exposed for all to see. Ironically enough, Sun may have actually ended up hurting himself more this way than if he had simply let TRON lose the poll.

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