‘League of Legends’ celebrity Voyboy calls out Riot over toxicity issues

'League of Legends' celebrity Voyboy calls out Riot over toxicity issues

Popular League of Legends streamer Voyboy posted videos calling out Riot Games over increasingly negative solo queue and ranked environments.

Former League of Legends eSports icon turned full-time Twitch streamer Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani posted videos on YouTube and Twitter in an attempt to draw the attention of Riot Games.

This was Voyboy’s bid to force Riot’s hand in addressing the rampant toxicity surrounding the solo queue and ranked play, to which the developers have been noticeably quiet.

Voyboy’s message, Riot responds

The 25-year-old streamer’s main focus revolved around how toxic the game’s player base has become and how arbitrary League of Legends’ reporting system feels. According to him:

“There’s no point in reporting people because Riot won’t ban them. No one is scared of getting in trouble, no one is scared of being banned, no one is scared of being barred from solo queue.”

Voyboy also pointed out that Riot’s lack of action towards these issues throughout the years just goes to show how little they care about the community and their experience playing the game.

The streamer added:

“Unless you type a bad word, unless you actually type something where an automated filter catches you saying a bigoted word or being offensive, you are not going to get in trouble.”

Riot has since responded to Voyboy’s message by informing him that they would be exploring all the options available in order to address the concerns he mentioned.

This prompted the streamer to release a second video where he started the hashtag “SaveLeague” and called on the League of Legends community to do their part by minimizing the in-game negativity in general.

He also thanked Riot for the prompt response and hopes for transparency on how they’ll be implementing the changes.

Community reaction to Voyboy’s initial statement

Many League of Legends personalities echoed Voyboy’s sentiments, with several of them taking to different forms of social media to give their two cents on the matter.

George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis, owner of the Counter Logic eSports (CLG) team, posted on Reddit that he had been pushing for changes at Riot Games for the better part of eight years, utilizing different channels.

Riot, however, has yet to make any meaningful effort either due to being unable, or because they just don’t want to, in HotshotGG’s opinion.

Danny “Shiphtur” Le expressed on Twitter how difficult it has become to be a positive League of Legends streamer the past few seasons on account of all the toxicity. He also gave Voyboy props on voicing out his concerns.

Voyboy has always been known for being an incredibly positive streamer. For him to go as far as publicly calling out Riot Games and mentioning how this season has been the most toxic one so far just goes to show how bad the problem has become.

Here’s hoping Riot Games will finally listen to their community and make some drastic changes in dealing with increased negativity before people start walking away from League of Legends.

Image courtesy of Voyboy/Twitter

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