Move aside, DOGE, because Tiger King’s star is launching CAT.

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Carole Baskin introduced CAT via the Ethereum-based open network Rally, and she has promised exclusive prizes to CAT owner.

Following the announcement that divisive Tiger King star Carole Baskin has introduced her CAT coin, Dogecoin’s place as the top memecoin may be jeopardised (but almost definitely isn’t).

On May 4, Baskin’s non-profit Big Cat Rescue announced the launch of her social token on Rally, a decentralised network that allows developers to launch their own coins on the Ethereum blockchain. She did, however, stress that her coin is not an investing instrument, but rather a horrible pun:

“Our new $CAT coin is not a currency for investment, but rather is a purr-ency of our fans to show their love for the cats and to reap the benefits of being our most forward-thinking partners in creating a world where all wild cats live free.”

However Baskin’s interest in cryptocurrency seems to have some basis to it, with the reality TV star explaining she had concerns surrounding money printing fueled inflation and that: “I like the idea of putting the power of money in the hands of the people, rather than banks and governments.”

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In her newfound optimism, Baskin seems to have mistaken the differences between Bitcoin and many altcoins, saying: “At this point, both the USD and Bitcoin are fiat currencies, but at least Bitcoin and other altcoins have scarcity built in, and there is now much more widespread adoption of them in our everyday lives.”

Baskin’s CAT has 123,600 coins in circulation and is reportedly priced at $8.20 a coin. Since its inception, $CAT has seen 492 purchases, totalling $206,000 in USD help value.

CAT holders will be candidates for promotions such as “elite access to LIVE walkabouts and conversations with Carole Baskin and her crew of big cat lovers and keepers, discounts and first access to new merchandise and activities.”

Baskin also teased upcoming plans for the CAT culture, including shared links to a big cat metaverse universe named ARzoo, a virtual reality collectable game called Big Cat Rescue VR, and a new collection of undisclosed, but potentially cat-centric NFTs set to release in two weeks.

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Carole Baskin’s foray into cryptocurrency is not her only. She started accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum donations via Bitpay in April of last year.

It remains to be seen if her arch-nemesis Joe Exotic, also known as the Tiger King, has realised the importance of blockchain technology while imprisoned.

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