Muse’s frontman releases a tune as an NFT, Chimps make NFTs, and much more

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Muse’s Matt Bellamy is tokenizing and selling a song played on the same guitar that Jeff Buckely used to make his smash album Grace.

The new muse is NFTs.

In an exclusive with Cointelegraph, celebrity-focused NFT auction site Cryptograph announced the introduction of a nonfungible coin based on an exclusive tune by Muse vocalist Matt Bellamy (NFT).

The token will be distributed in conjunction with the July 16 release of Bellamy’s new 10-track solo album Cryosleep, which was recorded on the same guitar used by Jeff Buckely for his smash album Grace.

Guiding Light NFT Artwork

The song “Pray,” which was included on the Game of Thrones soundtrack, is included on the CD.

The proceeds from the auction will support The Passage House UK organisation, which is dedicated to assisting the homeless by removing them off the streets and giving them with housing.

This isn’t Muse’s first time collaborating with blockchain technology. Cointelegraph announced in September 2020 that the band has collaborated with Dapper Labs to create Muse-themed CryptoKitties collectibles.



The IOTA Foundation launched an “almost feeless” NFT Marketplace to the IOTA 2.0 DevNet on July 12.

IOTA said that the “extraordinarily expensive” fees associated with minting, buying, trading and transactions on the blockchain have hampered the NFT sector.

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“Usually, a minting fee for creating the NFT is attached to the process, listing it on a platform costs an additional fee, the NFT platform usually wants a commission on sales, and the actual transaction on the blockchain also involves a fee,” it stated.

IOTA’s NFT marketplace is now ready for testing, with the foundation highlighting that it has eliminated transaction costs and levies just minimal minting fees. To support the platform’s growth, the foundation takes a commision on all marketplace purchases.

Even Chimps can mint NFTs

Save the Monkeys, a non-profit sanctuary, has issued an NFT drop including tokenized reproductions of paintings produced by three rescued chimps.

The collection is titled “Primal Expressions,” and it comprises four tokenized paintings by chimp painters Cheetah, Clay, and Tootie. The paintings feature a variety of colours and stroke styles, with one picture approximating the form of an Alpaca.

Source: Save the Chimps

The sale is being hosted on the Truesy NFT marketplace from today until July 21. The sale is part of a July 14 celebration of World Chimpanzee Day, and all the proceeds will go directly to Save the Chimps.

The number of tokens that will be produced has not been revealed by Save the Chimps or Truesy.

The NFT sale will also feature a special VIP package, which will include an exclusive tour of the sanctuary.

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“Among the many activities the chimps have access to, painting is particularly popular for these three chimps, who regularly choose to create colorful, expressive paintings,” said Ana Paula Tavares, CEO of Save the Chimps.

Save the Chimps was founded in 1997 and is home to more than 220 rescued chimps.

New Nifty Metaverse

A new NFT gaming metaverse dubbed “Nifty Island” is coming soon, promising to serve as a “community first gaming platform for the NFT gaming movement.”

The project is currently recruiting and is on the lookout for artists and game developers.

The project expects to launch late this year, and while details are sparse at this stage, the NFT metaverse will be themed around a gamified tropical island and feature an NFT marketplace.

“Nifty Island is an open social game hub and gallery that uses nfts and cryptocurrency to bring the metaverse to life. Every user, from defi projects to influencers to individuals, get their own personalised avatar and own island,” according to the website.

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Interesting Compilation

As revealed yesterday that Asics, a Japanese sports footwear company, is joining the NFT market, with a tokenized line of shoes due to be released on July 15 via OpenSea.

The company may be seeking to continue in the NFT sector for a long time, with the proceeds of the transaction set to be reinvested in Asics’ Digital Goods Artist-in-Residence programme to finance the production of future NFTs.

NFT marketplace Nifty also launched a $10 million seed investment round, including participation from industry heavyweights such as Samsung Next, Palm NFT Studio, Coinbase Ventures, and Dapper Labs.

Along with the announcement, the company disclosed a collaboration with Warner Brothers to facilitate the sale of Space Jam-themed NFTs to commemorate the film’s forthcoming July 16 release.


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