On Reddit, an Ethereum-based community points to scaling with Arbitrum.

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Arbitrum has been named the winner of a Reddit Bake-off challenge dubbed “The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-off.” Arbitrum’s victory means that Reddit will now use its roll-up technology to scale Reddit’s Ethereum-based Community Points.

As per the official announcement from Reddit,

“Today, we are launching our own Layer-2 rollup using Arbitrum technology. We will be testing this scaling network on top of Rinkeby, before migrating to the Ethereum mainnet.”

Roll-ups are solutions that execute transactions outside of the main Ethereum chain [Layer 1], but post transaction data to it. It would temporarily pack transactions on a sidechain in order to allow more users to participate in the primary network.

Arbitrum roll-outs defeated 21 other Scaling war entrants, with Reddit pointing out that its decentralised, developer-friendly, and broad ecosystem features distinguished it from other projects. The scaling will be done for the forum’s two prominent tokens, $MOONS and $BRICKS, which were launched last year.

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The integration will initially be limited to the Rinkeby testnet before moving to the main Ethereum blockchain via Arbitrum. This will allow more transactions to take place at low costs. As per the team’s statement,

“You’ll notice transactions happen much faster, and once you’ve created a Vault, you won’t have to keep claiming Moons/Bricks every month. They’ll just show up in your Vault like magic!”

For their contributions to the forum, users on the /r/Cryptocurrency and /r/FortniteBR subreddits have been able to earn Moons and Bricks tokens. Surprisingly, the tokens were introduced to reduce fees and allow for a greater number of transactions. Shortly after the launch of these tokens, Reddit kicked off its scaling bake-off, inviting developers to submit proposals for scaling the new tokens and Arbitrum emerged as the winner.

The /r/FortniteBR subreddit announced changes that will be taking place to Bricks due to the launch of the new scaling network. It announced,

“This is a major step to bringing Bricks to the main Ethereum blockchain, and we’ll be migrating Bricks to their new home over the next several hours. During this time, you will not be able to use Bricks. We will update this post when the migration is complete.”

These changes are intended to enable faster transactions and users will no longer need to claim their Bricks/Moon token, but this will be done automatically.

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