Peter Schiff predicts the DOGE will reach $1 and proposes that Twitter avatars wear laser beams.

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Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and a well-known Bitcoin detractor, took to Twitter to comment on Dogecoin’s latest surge and ascension to the top five cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalisation.

He’s clearly having a good time teasing Bitcoin and Dogecoin investors.

“Dogecoin is eating Bitcoin”

Peter Schiff tweeted that “Dogecoin is eating Bitcoin” after DOGE reached an all-time high of $0.45 yesterday (the second in two days) and stormed to the top-five spot on CoinMarketCap.

He went on to say that all Bitcoin pumpers who think BTC is superior to gold “must now admit that Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin.”

“Let’s all put laser beams on our noses until Dogecoin hits $1”

During a conversation with his son, Spencer, Peter Schiff joked that DOGE is superior to Bitcoin, compared Dogecoin to “a sports car” and Bitcoin to “an old horse.”

He also recommended that DOGE supporters wear laser beams on the noses of their Twitter profile pictures (similar to Bitcoiners’ “laser eyes”) in order to boost Dogecoin to a $1 high.

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This is analogous to the “laser-eyes” flashmob that Bitcoiners have been doing before BTC reaches $100,000, as they hope.

Schiff encourages his son to welcome emerging technologies in the same way that Spencer Schiff and other Bitcoiners have been urging him to change his mind on BTC.

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“Who cares. That’s old news. #Bitcoin is getting smoked by #Dogecoin now.  You’re just too old and set in your ways to get it. Bitcoin is a horse. Dogecoin is a car.”

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Schiff Junior goes all-in on Bitcoin

As previously noted by U.Today, on March 10, Peter Schiff revealed that his son Spencer had gone all-in on Bitcoin and had also had to sell his silver shares due to the drop, at a time when BTC was trading below $50,000.

Back then, Schiff-father joked that he would have to disinherit Spencer in order to keep his son from buying any more Bitcoin with the money he had received through his labours.

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