Polygon: Explained why MATIC is registering constant gains

Major cryptocurrencies have been falling since a weekend sell-off, but MATIC has been registering constant gains. It’s important to note that Polygon has released a raft of new upgrades on its network recently.

A new change

Polygon is back on the price charts after it released new features to improve user experience. MATIC, at press time, was trading at $0.56 after eyeing a 2.3% push over the last day.

It saw a growth of 10.5% in the last seven days. Part of the reason for Polygon’s gains is the release of new features on its network.

The company posted an update on its blog recently briefing on the matter. Polygon has enabled a feature called “liquid staking” on its network. This will allow users to stake their holdings and retain the liquidity of the tokens.

Wanna know how to stake your $MATIC? 👀
Liquid Staking is a good option.

It enables you to maximize capital efficiency by tokenizing your stake.

It has a number of additional benefits, as well as risks. Learn more👇https://t.co/2TYd9Q4orh

— Polygon – MATIC 💚 (@0xPolygon) July 6, 2022

Polygon has also released data suggesting the growth of the network among other dApps. During this week, Good Ghosting and Slingshot entered the top 20 performing dApps.

The company has formed alliances with several neo-banks to enable the Web3 bridge. The content on its blog read,

 “Neobanks’ participation in the Web3 space can also encourage improvement in governance schemes, including industry-grade codes and self-regulatory tools.”

Another update pertains to WOO network which has launched its multichain DEX on Polygon. This will allow Polygon users to access the decentralized exchange in a seamless fashion.

But, here’s the catch

Polygon suffered a DNS hijacking at the start of the month on its public RPC gateway. The attack compromised control over several services on Polygon’s network.

Well, the attack did not affect the main Polygon PoS network over its course. Nonetheless, attacks such as this can lead to a negative impact on the cryptocurrency.

MATIC may have dodged a bullet here-on but for any sustained growth, there is a need for Polygon to secure its network. Given the sophistication of attackers, network security will be crucial in the future for crypto.

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