Protest At The Federal Reserve : Bitcoin

Protest At The Federal Reserve : Bitcoin

Hello everyone.

The Federal Reserve is in the process of the biggest financial heist in modern history. They are getting away with screwing the everyday average American, but are bailing out the rich and wealthy. The Federal Reserve is currently burdening future generations with mountains of debt, they are in the process of a massive transfer of wealth from the bottom 90% to the richest of the rich, and are bailing out Wall Street while leaving Main Street to die. We must bring a stop to this.

We will be hosting a protest outside the Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC. The original plan is to protest Saturday, May 30th at 8pm EST. However, we are strongly considering moving it to sometime Monday during market hours. This is not just a DC thing! You can help out by sharing the movement below!

Here is the original protest tweet with over 300 retweets (Please like and retweet):

Also, join our official discord to discuss the protest and get announcements:

Feel free to share and join the movement!


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