Protestors Go Bitcoin Amid Outrage in the United States

America is seeing the greatest protest in years as the nation and the world is shocked at the terrible and tragic murder of an African-American.

While there are many footages of wanton destruction and even crowd madness with videos showing looters beating up completely innocent shopkeepers who are probably just as outraged at what happened, there have also been many largely peaceful protests across cities in the United States.

One of them was in Raleigh, North Carolina, where a protester pointed out bitcoin as a potential tool to address at least some of the actual or perceived systemic racism in the United States and perhaps more widly.

The book being Bitcoin and Black America by Isaiah Jackson which explores the synergy between black economics, Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

In an election year the sign naturally is a bit controversial. Starting with the non left-right element of whether it is appropriate to bring up bitcoin to this sort of protest.

Our answer would be that if the problem is ‘systemic’ racism, then bitcoin is outside the ‘system,’ and therefore can be a potential solution to some extent.

The other criticism has also been this very idea of ‘Black America.’ To many that goes against what Martin Luther said with unfortunately two decades of war making us see a lot more black and white than American or British or European or just a humanoid.

There is something to be said about identity politics being partially the cause of systemic discrimination, but it is also the case that the government engages in some segregation in housing new immigrants or refugees for example within metaphorically cordoned neighbourhoods.

But we don’t think there is such a thing as a bitcoin for black people, or white people, or Chinese people, or Arab people, or any people. We think there is a bitcoin for all people.

Bitcoin sign in Huston protests, May 2020
Bitcoin sign in Huston protests, May 2020

The shock of a boot on ones neck does not belong to just black people or even to just Americans. It belongs to all women and men.

Identity politics however belongs only to some, and even then only in appearance for to see white or black is the opposite of to see character.

Yet in some cases you can’t ignore certain aspects, like some schools for example being largely only ‘minorities’ or only ‘white natives.’

Again that probably roots back to the two decades of war and the wanton destruction which hopefully is now at an end cruelly so marked by this pandemic, and which probably has led to this crude division in America and Europe.

It is in the hope of ending those wars due to the foreseeable consequences of its continuation that many took a gamble on Trump, someone who in this space especially no one has illusions about as shown by the fate of Assange.

For at least a decade the techies have resisted and ferociously in many ways, peaceful ways, from Lulzecs to Arron Swarts.

Yet if such resistance or pressure towards better ways is one of labels, there is no resistance and there is no pressure.

The first astronauts to land in space on a commercial rocket, May 31 2020
The first astronauts to land in space on a commercial rocket, May 31 2020

While old wounds keep raging, new dreams keep racing. What is not seen above is a black woman that has some sort of high position in NASA addressing the two newly arrived astronauts at the international space station.

They are the first ‘guests’ there in nine years and what makes them two symbolically special is the fact they ‘drove’ a commercial space rocket to reach this station almost quicker than you can reach New York from London.

What is also absolutely astonishing is the fact we can see them live, giving imagination a clear picture of what our world will look like a century hence when to the earth dimension will be added all the frontier women and men.

We hope there will be many black people there and any people, as long as they are of good and sound character. For whatever differences, they are insignificant to the shared aims and dreams that can better be achieved by a one peoples.

Let’s not forget either the immortal metaphors in every religious story of every culture, that of the dreamer and the cheater, the builder and the destroyer, the ant and the grashopper.

It would be easy if we go back a few years for Obama for example to deliver to the rightly outraged people some nice honey words that are soon forgotten by acts one can reasonably conclude he either meant none of it or is/was too incompetent to implement any of it.

Yet words are for poets, and the better one of them incorporates within words the complexities of problems and the difficulties of reaching solutions.

The problem of state level insensitivity, or even oppression, is not a black or white problem and if it is portrayed as such it would be to the benefit of the oppressor only who give their ‘base’ some sort of other in a tale to the benefit of neither ‘base.’

For it is mostly white Americans, and plenty black ones, that died in the wars of the past two decades. It is white Manning, or Assange, or Snowden that can objectively be considered as political prisoners.

The state needs peaceful reforms, and in that quest for betterment we need to be united by character alone and see that the oppressor or the oppressed have no color, for if there is anything systemic, then it is the complexities of accountability in institutions designed centuries ago when they governed a fraction of the current population or indeed a fraction of the current complexities.

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