Ripple has announced the release of a Python application for communicating with the XRP Ledger.

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Ripple, the San Francisco-based blockchain company, is making headlines today after the launch of its most recent project.

The RippleX development platform’s team has long been focused on XRPL-oriented solutions. It has now launched a brand new library that greatly simplifies the coding process on the XRP Ledger. According to a statement,

“Ripple is excited to announce the launch of xrpl-py, a pure Python implementation for interacting with the XRP Ledger. The xrpl-py library simplifies the hardest parts of XRP Ledger interaction—like serialization and transaction signing—by providing native Python methods and models for XRP Ledger transactions and core server API (rippled) objects.”

The development was welcomed by many in the community, with Monica Long, General Manager of Ripple X at Ripple, being one of them. In fact, she also went on to stress the importance of the new instrument for Python developers and all XRPL enthusiasts.


According to Ripple’s official release, the XRP Ledger historically had only Java and JavaScript implementations. As a result, Python developers were forced to use a less common language or dependent on third-party libraries. The xrpl-py library provides tools for a wide range of XRP Ledger functions, such as transaction analysis, key generation, address transfer between various types, and browsing blockchain data.

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The RippleX team has attempted to make the xrpl-py programming experience accessible to both Python experts and newcomers.

Python specialists can play with lower-level tools and features, while newcomers can benefit from higher-level functions that eliminate redundant information and have practical developer interfaces. To make the whole process more effective, the RippleX team has also published a wealth of guides and tutorials, as well as launched a Twitch stream to announce its latest version.

Finally, the project expressed its desire to publish new libraries in other programming languages as soon as possible, in addition to the addition to xrpl-py.

It has certainly been an exciting few weeks for Ripple and its community. For example, in a big win for the San Francisco-based firm, Ripple has been given access to documentation and discussions from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission about whether XRP tokens are equivalent to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

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