Sega’s Genesis Mini returns to Black Friday pricing

A hot deal on a fine retro console

In a nutshell: Sega’s Genesis Mini is one of the better retro consoles out there and for a limited time, it can again be had at Black Friday pricing. The system wasn’t perfect – the inclusion of a three-button controller instead of the six-button variant is a kick in the gut for fighting game aficionados, the overly sensitive UI could use some tweaks and rubberized feet would have helped the console stay put – but Sega absolutely nailed the look at feel of the miniature chassis.

Launched in the latter half of 2019, the Genesis Mini (known as the Mega Drive Mini internationally) is a miniature console in the image of the Nintendo Entertainment Classic. The console comes pre-loaded with 42 games including classics like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Road Rash II and Comix Zone as well as two wired controllers, a power cable with USB adapter and an HDMI cable.

From the mock expansion port for the Sega CD on the bottom and the cartridge slot up top to the “functional” volume slider, everything is where it should be. It’s by far the most detailed miniature console to date.

For a limited time, you can nab a Sega Genesis Mini for $49.99 – that’s $30 off the normal price – from Amazon or Best Buy. As of writing, Amazon shows the next batch of units will be in stock on May 31. Best Buy’s website says it can get it out by May 20. No word on how long the sale will run meaning if you want one, it’d be best to grab the deal ASAP.

In related news, Konami’s TurboGrafx-16 Mini is scheduled to arrive on May 22 after being pushed back by Covid-19. It’ll run you a bit more, however, as pre-orders are set at $99.

Tower of Power courtesy Nintendo Life

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