Since its inception, Seagate has sold three zettabytes of storage.

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This will store 30 billion 4K movies.

Seagate also reported that it has delivered three zettabytes of hard drive storage space since its inception in 1979, making it the first data storage provider to do so. The fact that Seagate took 36 years to ship 1 zettabyte in all, then fewer than four years to reach 2 zettabytes, and then two more years to pass 3 zettabytes exemplifies drive technology’s advancement.

Three zettabytes is a lot of drive space: one 1ZB is 1,000 exabytes, one 1EB is 1,000 petabytes, and one PB is 1,000 terabytes. According to Seagate, the volume of capacity it has shipped could accommodate 7.5 trillion MP3 tracks, 60 billion video games, and 30 billion 4K movies (check out the infographic below).

If you’re wondering what three zettabytes looks like as a disc, it’s the equivalent of 300 million 10TB hard drives. Packing it all into Seagate’s 147mm Exos 10TB HDDs and stacking them end-to-end will result in a distance of 27,402 miles—more than enough to orbit the globe.

The amount of storage needed by the planet is the at an exponential rate. It is projected to exceed 175 zettabytes by 2025, which is 58 times the storage space shipped by Seagate. According to the firm, more data is generated in a single hour today than was generated in an entire year just two decades ago.

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Today’s digital environment necessitates data storage volumes previously unthinkable. Petabytes of data are generated by cloud storage systems, large data centres, and science analysis. Smart cities, for example, produce 2.5PB per day, while autonomous cars produce up to 32TB per day. As more people go digital, demand will continue to rise, which is why Seagate plans to get a 100TB hard drive by 2030.

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