Swiss cryptocurrency bank Sygnum Bank becomes the world’s first bank to offer end-to-end tokenization

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Swiss cryptocurrency bank “Sygnum Bank” has launched what it says is a blockchain-based alternative to listing shares on a stock exchange.

Sygnum Bank team

According to the announcement on the 26th, Sygnum Bank said the launches its regulated end-to-end tokenization solution comprised of Desygnate, a primary market issuance platform, and SygnEx, a secondary market trading venue. This enables issuers to create unique investment opportunities for investors by connecting them seamlessly in one platform, and represents a landmark in the convergence of global public and private markets.

“Empowering both issuers and investors to create and have access to unique, often frontier, investment opportunities has been a core part of Sygnum’s mission since day one. With Desygnate and SygnEx, we bring a blockchain-powered business solution to market which opens up a world of new opportunities for capital market participants to do business”, says Mathias Imbach, Sygnum’s Group CEO Designate.

As an alternative to traditional capital markets, Sygnum said it can help companies raise funding while avoiding high costs and extensive listing requirements.

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