The Early Stage Investor: Why Bitcoin SV is the most important blockchain network, according to Calvin Ayre

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Calvin Ayre, a venture capitalist, discussed that Bitcoin SV became the world’s most successful blockchain network in an interview with The Early Stage Investor.

A prominent Bitcoin trader, Ayre focuses his investment and industry on fintech technologies, data storage, cyber security, and transactable digital tokens. His interview begins by outlining the usage case for Bitcoin SV as well as why it is functionally superior to other blockchains such as BTC and ETH.

All other blockchain networks, according to Ayre, have agreed to take the initial Bitcoin vision and try to add their own ‘improvements’ to the technology, as first detailed in Dr. Craig Wright’s original Bitcoin whitepaper.

In doing so, they have overlooked what makes Bitcoin unique—its scaling prowess. The need for and framework for scaling was discussed in the original whitepaper, but has been overlooked by those designing other public blockchains, according to Ayre.

In the case of both BTC and BCH, developers have disabled elements of the scaling properties that distinguish Bitcoin. As a result, only Bitcoin SV has the potential to scale—and without the ability to scale, no other cryptocurrency may compete.

According to Ayre, BSV would alter the way data is handled and valued. The network maintains a worldwide monopoly on enterprise-level data storage and valuation, with all other networks referred to as “hobby platforms” at most. As soon as an app is popular on another network, it must be ported to BSV, which is the only public blockchain with the size capacity to handle it.

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In reality, he claims that Bitcoin SV is now so far ahead of the competition that no other network will keep up. And if another blockchain discovered a way to scale, Ayre claims it will certainly infringe on nChain‘s intellectual property.Bitcoin SV can assist businesses in more efficiently managing their data at scale, minimising data silos that can lead to inefficiencies while posing substantial technical challenges. According to Ayre, the technology unifies disparate data structures in order to create more streamlined solutions.

Ayre discussed a new network that the nChain team is planning to introduce. The technology, which will sit on top of Bitcoin SV, is scheduled to be launched in the next eight weeks or so, which will provide businesses with business data challenges with access to a scalable solution. The platform’s goal is to make complicated data challenges easy for corporate customers, making it simpler than ever to solve problems with BSV.

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On the growth of BSV, the Ayre Group founder said there is a lot of misinformation out there holding back on educating people about BSV. However, he believes the BSV story is so powerful, it will ultimately triumph. Once people learn how strong the technology is with its monopoly on data management powers, it cannot be unlearned.

Concerning the development of BSV, the Ayre Group founder said that there is a lot of confusion out there that is preventing people from learning about BSV. However, he maintains that the BSV tale is so compelling that it will finally prevail. It is impossible to unlearn how powerful the technology is and its monopoly on data storage powers.

He believes the break out for Bitcoin SV will occur until mass media accepts it and begins actively discussing it.

Ayre said that, in the end, all tokens on all exchanges are the same—they can’t do anything other than double as gambling tokens. Ayre assumes the narrative will shift as mass media begins to address the subject more efficiently. Only as businesses roll out use cases and demonstrate that this can and is being achieved on the BSV platform can the general public become aware of the technology’s benefits.

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Greater control of digital currencies, according to Ayre, is unavoidable. Drawing on his background in the early days of the online gaming industry, he predicts that authorities will soon gain control of the digital currency markets. According to Ayre, the entire blockchain industry could be banned globally, but Bitcoin SV would still have a reason to exist as the world’s most effective data management platform.

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