The FBI has charged a guy with plotting to blow up an Amazon data centre.

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He supposedly desired to ‘destroy’ the majority of the internet.

According to law enforcement, Amazon’s data centres are also prime sites for terror assaults. According to Variety, the FBI has arrested Texas native Seth Aaron Pendley on suspicion of plotting to blow up an Amazon Web Services data centre in Virginia. Pendley reportedly told an undercover investigator that he intended to use plastic bombs to destroy data centres in order to “kill” much of the internet and government agencies that he saw as part of the “oligarchy” in the United States.

Pendley was labelled a domestic terrorist by the Justice Department. He appeared to have been present at the Capitol riot on January 6th, and the FBI learned of his intentions shortly afterwards after a tipter warned of “alarming statements” he posted on a pro-militia web site. According to reports, the accused man wanted people to die in the attacks.

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If convicted, Pendley could face up to 20 years in jail.

In a tweet, Amazon said that it takes data centre protection “incredibly seriously.”

This comes as Parler is suing Amazon for removing the social network from AWS, but it’s unclear if the two are related.

The alleged plot emphasises the internet’s reliance on AWS and the potential repercussions if an assault is successful. As many people have learned, issues at Amazon data centres can trigger outages for a variety of providers, including those from tech titans including Adobe. Pendley’s attack may have caused widespread internet outages, not just among government departments. This also means that physical protection for data centres will become more critical now that attackers see them as potential targets.

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