The Hermitage Museum in Russia to hold a display of NFT sculpture.

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The NFT show will be part of the “Hermitage 20/21” project.

The State Hermitage Museum in Russia, the world’s second-largest art museum, is planning a multimedia art show involving non-fungible tokens.

The Hermitage’s NFT expansion, which is set to open in 2021, will be Russia’s first show of NFT sculpture, the museum announced Thursday.

The exhibition will be coordinated by the Hermitage’s contemporary art department as part of the “Hermitage 20/21” programme. The announcement read as follows:

“Non-fungible tokens have become a new form of securing rights to an artwork using blockchain technology, which allows you to establish unambiguous control over copyright and ownership rights.”

The Aksenov Family Foundation, a local cultural and social education fund, will be a strategic partner in the Hermitage’s NFT initiative, which will explore new ways of audience engagement in cultural activities.

The Hermitage, located in Saint Petersburg, is a federal museum with three million objects. The Hermitage did not say whether it plans to hold an NFT auction as part of its forthcoming show.

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Some Hermitage artists, such as Irish experimental artist Kevin Abosch, have been actively active in the crypto field, working with NFT technologies for visual art installations.

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