The ROI statistics for XRP that traders should be aware of

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With rumours swirling that Ripple intends to go public, amid the pending SEC litigation, it’s no surprise that the digital asset is responding to good news.

Price and volume rallies reveal the efficacy of various blockchains. The settlement time for XRP is 3.1 seconds, and the transaction fee is $0.0004. The altcoin has arisen as a fast and amazingly inexpensive altcoin. As a result, XRP is the seventh best seller in the last seven days, with a price increase of 52.45 percent. Rising social interaction on the XRP blockchain, constructive pricing action against Bitcoin and Ethereum in the last two weeks, and rising trading value have all contributed to XRP’s price rise.

According to the above figure, uncertainty has remained relatively low: it has fallen nearly 40%, but the price has continued to rise. It is anticipated that the price will exceed $500. This is founded on a reference to the previous bull chase. During the 2017 bull run, the price increased by 68300%.

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Since the start of the altcoin rally, HODLers have seen three-digit returns. According to Messari numbers, the short-term ROI made XRP appealing to retail traders.


Why XRP is gearing up for a long awaited price rally

XRP Short-term ROI || Source: Messari

According to the price map above, both the short and long-term ROI make it lucrative for HODLers. The volatility is relatively high, and if traders are searching for less risky assets with a lower risk-to-reward ratio, altcoins such as Ethereum and BNB could be a good choice. At the current market level, XRP remains undervalued, although the price is projected to rise further.

Since it mobilised interest and demand from traders, the litigation may have been the catalyst for XRP’s price surge. Despite the SEC litigation controversies, there was strong demand for XRP, and with a price gain of more than 50% in the last week, XRP is likely to continue rallying.


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