The SBI Holdings is offering XRP as a bonus for purchasing tokens in its upcoming STO.

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Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of the SBI Group, recently tweeted a link to the company’s press release about SBI’s latest product, which is partially based on XRP.

In his recent tweet, Yoshitaka Kitao, the chief of the SBI group, has shared a link to the press release of the company regarding SBI’s new offering partly related to XRP.

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On April 20, SBI Group, headquartered in Tokyo, plans to execute a STO (security token offering) of its digital corporate bonds. Investors will get a payout in XRP from the firm.

The amount of XRP distributed would be the same as the amount of digital securities acquired by each investor.

The offering’s protection tokens will be launched on the blockchain network Ibet.

Earlier this year, the finance company promised its owners end-of-year incentives in XRP.

Those who own at least 100 SBI shares would be eligible for 2,500 yen in XRP (equivalent to $23). The exact number of XRP tokens distributed will be calculated by the XRP price on June 30.

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