The Stellar Development Foundation has provided an update on the node downtime episode.

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The Stellar blockchain recently encountered a technological problem that made validator nodes unable to process transactions. The Stellar Development foundation technical unit, on the other hand, was able to redesign the Horizon cluster API and SDF validators. In order to address any remaining issues, the company has now published a study with additional material.

According to the blog post, Stellar’s network stayed “live,” with assistance for certain validators that were not harmed by the outage and were able to process transactions on the blockchain without issue. According to the SDF,

“(…) which is just the way a decentralized network is intended to work, and many of those validators continued to publish archives that keep track of ledger history, and that allow the halted nodes to fill in gaps when they need to recover from downtime.”

Although Stellar did release a real-time updated status page, exchanges such as Bitfinex stopped withdrawals with XLM, as reported by its CTO Paolo Ardoino via Twitter. Bitstamp too temporarily halted deposits and withdrawals of XLM, stating,

We’ve temporarily stopped $XLM deposits and withdrawals due to issues on the StellarOrg network. We are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated.”

Despite the study, the precise cause of the glitch remains unknown. The preliminary investigation pointed to an initial issue triggered by a ledger or a particular ledger activity. According to the SDF, the “majority” of nodes on the network were not affected by the outage, but some run by SDF and Lobstr were.

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The impacted nodes were down for about 10 hours. The loss was discovered by the SDF’s infrastructure management operation, which included Runscope and Prometheus warnings, to which the team responded almost immediately.

The corporation consistently stated that the network was not disrupted or shut down. Validators who were in sync were able to begin handling transactions in under 5 seconds. The SDF, on the other hand, explained,

“However, some nodes, including those run by SDF and Lobstr, ceased to process transactions for about 9 hours. If you access the network via one of the affected nodes, you were not able to access the network to submit transactions during that time. If, however, you rely on one of the many unaffected nodes, your network access continued unabated.”

The past of some ledgers was lost due to the deficit, but the technical team managed to reintegrate it with support from tier 1 organisations. In preparation of a crisis, these organisations were in charge of publishing the whole network history. It was reported that about 43 ledgers or 5 minutes of network history needed to be restored, which the SDF team did successfully.

Meanwhile, several block explorers were able to point out the network’s failure to handle transactions on their public portal for many hours.

Anton Cashchin, a managing director at the CEX exchange in the United Kingdom, raised the alarm when he tweeted that “several validators” had gone offline, causing Binance, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp to suspend withdrawals.

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Archon, another crypto enthusiast, also tweeted about this.



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