The University of North Texas to employ Blockchain for Storing Records

Greenlight Credentials, announced on Wednesday that the University of North Texas at Dallas adopted the blockchain-based credentialing system by them so that students can take control of their academic records themselves. They can store and share their academic records with any institutional body worldwide without any involvement of third-party.

Greenlight Credentials is a Game Changer

Greenlight Credentials is the world’s largest verified blockchain platform for safely storing academic records. This platform allows users to share data credentials with other institutions, employees or anybody else worldwide, Instant and Secure .

This platform is based on distributed ledger technology. With the help of this, validation of credentials from third parties won’t be needed and records can be shared and received anytime instantly. This reduces a great amount of hassle for the students as well as the organizations.

This week , Visa the digital cash transaction company has made additional major developments to become Most Crypto friendly tool

What the President has to say

The President at University of North Texas, Bob Mong said, “GreenLight puts the power directly in the hands of our students, Students are now just a click away from instantly accessing their transcripts around the clock” 


“ We are proud to be the first four-year university in the nation to partner with GreenLight, and we’re excited to bring the simplicity and convenience of this resource to our UNT Dallas students,”

The fastest growing public University of North Texas (UNT) will be using this platform for helping their students to recruit in an efficient manner.

Moreover, Earlier this year the US department of Education announced that they will be funding  the American Council on Education (ACE) for the research on the use of Blockchain for education credentials.

But, how many schools and universities want to enhance the capabilities of their young students and present a more clear picture of it.

We all are aware of the hype around the Blockchain backed cryptocurrencies and it is great to see Greenlight credentials providing a distributed ledger technology for students,schools and employers.

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