There are three reasons why this incident will drive Cardano in this route.

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The scheduled update deployment of Cardano’s Alonzo hard fork is an event that traders are looking forwards to. The currency was now trading at $1.76, with a dip in transaction volume of approximately 8%. Cardano’s intention to deploy smart contract capabilities is currently in the works, and it is expected to have a beneficial influence on trader mood. Meanwhile, price reflects demand proportionally.


Why Cardano's rollout is likely to support the rally

Cardano Price Chart | Source: CoinGecko

Following a drop to $1.16, the price recovery was matched by a boost in social volume. Following the recovery, market capitalisation is up 4.31 percent, and demand across spot and futures markets has climbed regularly.

1.On-chain analysis

The pricing trend is changing based on on-chain analyses, upgrades, and ADA collaborations. The growth in the number of transactions, users, and trading volume on the network reflects traders’ bullish mood.

In the immediate term, the impact of a rollout on traders’ portfolios is projected to be generally beneficial. According to Messari statistics,

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Why Cardano's rollout is likely to support the rally

Short-term ROI | Source: Messari

2. ADA’s ROI

The short-term ROI of ADA is expected to boost demand. The price has increased by over 3000 percent in the last year, and with more network activity, roll-out, and improvements, this trend is certain to continue. Furthermore, staking revenue is increasing, and more Cardano is being staked now than it was 90 days ago, which is another strong indication for long-term ROI.

The forthcoming roll-out will most likely include a new voting system, payment mechanisms, and new methods of identifying and trading assets. This initiative is still in the works, but it provides a significant incentive for traders to accumulate ADA.


3. Adoption

Furthermore, Cardano’s recent relationship with Africa, notably the IOHK’s relationship with the Ethiopian government to use Cardano to reform the education system, is expected to make Cardano more popular, increasing usage, network activity, and demand in the long term. The Goguen Era means making Cardano accessible to the general public, which includes a growth in the number of users, markets, and daily transaction volume. An increase in users is anticipated to boost Cardano’s liquidity and volatility, resulting in a long and sustained price gain.

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