This 2020 aspect might be crucial in regaining Bitcoin’s $60k level.

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Bitcoin’s recent collapse has been thoroughly examined: why, how, and for how long. Several causes have been identified as being responsible for its decline. Every explanation, from poor market sentiment to over-leveraged transactions, is supported by an argument. However, there is a specific effect, or lack thereof, that may have played a role in BTC’s disastrous month.


How is no one talking about Institutions?

Whatever you want to say about it, institutions made their presence felt by the end of 2020. The impact of Grayscale’s aggressive accumulation or MicroStrategy’s big BTC purchase was palpable. Grayscale‘s BTC holdings climbed from 449.8k BTC to 655.47k between 1 October 2020 and the third week of February 2021. The spending then abruptly came to a standstill, with a substantial weekly correction of 21% reported.


Many observers assumed that Grayscale halted adding to their BTC holdings since the GBTC premium was declining. Since February 25th, the GBTC premium has yet to post a positive rate. It hit an all-time low of 21.23 percent on May 14th.

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The decrease in the GBTC discount showed that institutional demand in the market has slowed significantly since February.


BTC/USDT on Trading View

Coincidentally, Bitcoin’s price movement hasn’t been terrific either. Bitcoin reached a peak of $57,780 on February 21st, with just an 11.14 percent gain over the next month. The momentum had clearly slowed.

As a result, it is possible that the drop in institutional expenditure has stalled BTC’s surge since Q1 2021. Retail traders have been unable to add significant impetus to the surge, since leveraged transactions have recently rekt the price’s value.

What can be taken as positive for Bitcoin?

There is no way to prove a link between the Bitcoin bull run and institutional spending. However, because both occurred during the same time period, an argument based on influence may be made. One of the benefits of the present market is that Grayscale may resume accumulating at earlier levels, as witnessed at the beginning of February.

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Another implication is that Institutions are presently waiting for the price to fall further before placing another large buy order. Whatever the case may be, institutional intervention appears to be critical for Bitcoin right now if the currency is to improve and go higher on another positive surge.


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