This Bitcoin exchange inflow metric is signaling a major long-term bullish rally

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If you thought the Bitcoin wave was over, the new metrics might require you to think again. The $19850 price peak has not been retested, but in the long term, new metrics are suggestive of a promising new year. On-chain analytics data platform CryptoQuant is back with bullish data on Bitcoin. As of this week, the average inflow to exchanges has reached an eight-month high, this was last seen in March when inflow hit its lowest.

According to the data, this is a long-term bullish indicator for Bitcoin. As explained by CryptoQuant, whales are riding on the back of retail investors by depositing sizeable amounts of Bitcoin into exchanges, but for the sole purpose of storing. The strategy is, however, to sell the stored Bitcoins when the retail investors’ transaction activities are heated on exchanges.

“Whales benefit from retail investors. Ironically, if you see the low frame, the Exchange inflow Mean is a bullish signal. Whales are depositing to exchanges, but they don’t sell BTC. The time they sell coins is when retail investors are active on exchanges.”

Adding that this is a relevant validator for the “buy-the-dip,” concept, as CryptoQuant data says;

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“The signal can also be used as a buy-the-dip indicator. Whales deposit BTC to exchanges a lot after the plummet, but they eventually realize that it’s too low price to sell BTC.” The reference to buying the dip couldn’t have come at a better time if you’ve been following the market sentiments for the last month.

Usually, bear markets are favorable in the long term because a market bounce back psychologically follows. For Bitcoin, which is still yet to lose steam in the market as far as uncertainty is concerned, every downtrend can be a strategic entry point for traders.

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