Topps baseball card company and MLB working on official NFTs.

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Topps Series 1 Baseball nonfungible coin collectibles will be released by the national card manufacturer in collaboration with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc.

Topps, the world’s largest playing card company, will release a package of nonfungible tokens in collaboration with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc.

Topps’ signature annual baseball card set, which will now be available in NFT form, represents the company’s shift towards a digital transformation and recognition of the growing and important popularity of blockchain-based collectibles.

To help collectors close the gap between the traditional and modern realms, artwork from this year’s Topps Series 1 baseball release will be reimagined and updated for the officially sanctioned Topps MLB NFT collection.

A variety of cards ranging in rarity from “common” to “legendary,” as well as limited edition and platinum anniversary cards, will be available for purchase; however, the brand plans to use motion graphics, “nostalgic card templates,” and “other digital flourishes” to enhance the allure of the new digital pack.

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MLB Players managing director Evan Kaplan stated:

“As collectibles enjoy a breakout moment with NFTs and blockchain technology, we can’t think of a better way to honor the legendary players from years past and look forward to the incredible careers ahead of today’s stars and breakout rookies.”

Topps is no stranger to blockchain and has long shown its ability to modernise a conventional hobby. Along with its blockchain-based collection of officially sanctioned Topps collectibles, the company has extended its portfolio of mobile sports and entertainment digital collectibles games, including the Topps Bunt baseball game.

In a recent interview, Topps chairman Michael Eisner said that the company’s sports and entertainment division is now 25 percent digital and rising rapidly. As the organisation prepares to go public, he singled out blockchain and NFTs in particular for their broad appeal, adding that they provide Topps with a way to compete in the secondary sector.

MLB’s Oakland Athletics have started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for home season suites this year and plan to keep every cryptocurrency received from suite purchases. Meanwhile, blockchain sports companies such as Chiliz have been eyeing the MLB fanbase through sports fan tokens.

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