Trader Allegedly Commits Suicide After Begging Influencer for Help

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  • Crypto influencer says a trader committed suicide after begging him for help for months.
  • @CryptoCobain has closed his DMs in response.
  • In May @REALADVICEBTC also died mysteriously in Thailand, and Cobain took a break from Twitter.


On Dec 6, 2020, Jordan Fish, known by his crypto personality KING CO฿IE or @CryptoCobain, has closed his Twitter to direct messages. He did so after a trader who begged him for financial help allegedly took his own life.


The popular crypto influencer, who has over 181K followers, tweeted Sunday saying that he will no longer accept DMs after a trader he was talking with took his own life. He said he had received “too many ‘I will commit suicide this weekend unless you give me 0.2 btc’ messages.’”


Cobain, a developer whose real name is Jordan Fish and works at Monzo bank in the UK, said he could not confirm if the alleged death was true. He did say, however, that the deceased’s former partner reached out to him after the supposed suicide.

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Strangely, this is not the first time Cobain publicly commented on a mysterious death. In May of 2020, a young man named Ben who used the Twitter handle @ACTUALADVICEBTC died suddenly in Thailand. Ben was a cult figure who was popular on several social media platforms including Steemit. At the time of his death, Cobain told Decrypt that Ben (presumably his friend) died in his sleep. He also provided a photo of the two together.

Six months of attacks

Some of the messages Cobain received read like harassment.

A Twitter user Business Cat (@buznizkat) claims to have identified the deceased handle as OverTheEdge (@edgeoverevent). OverTheEdge’s Twitter posts go back months, complaining of mounting financial and life difficulties and frustratingly reaching out to crypto Twitterati like @stoolpresidente and @CryptoCobain for help and advice.

The tweets lead to threats of suicide. Eventually, the deceased’s last few posts claim to be @OverTheEdge’s partner, announcing his death. The partner noticed the @CryptoCobain was mentioned often in the posts and thanks the influencer for listening.

But that is not all. The account also includes a Bitcoin address. Incredibly, this address was used by a spoofing account called @CryptosCobain. In a July 27, 2020 tweet by this account, the faker poses as @CryptoCobain and is offering to double BTC sent to his address (in an apparent scam). This is the same address on OverTheEdge’s account.

What’s more, the fake account has CryptoCobain calling himself a prick, and saying he will go into “prick mode 125x”. Business Cat seemed to imply OverTheEdge was behind the spoofing account and was airing his frustrations. But with the anonymity of the internet, it is easy to doubt the posts’ authenticity.

Constant threat

Though this was the first time someone claimed to have taken their own life, Cobain said he is bombarded with threats and requests for money. In fact, Cobain said the deceased person had been sending him DMs on Twitter for six months.

An example of a DM receved by @CryptoCobain

It also remains unclear why so many people went to Cobain for help. Some of the messages he posted showed people who had lost money trading cryptocurrencies and felt betrayed. Others were perhaps looking for trading.

Either way, Cobain said he believed the death notice was authentic.

The Heart of the heart

Many sympathetic Twitter users echoed feelings that the deceased individual was sick, and that financial support was not Cobain’s responsibility.

Even Richard Heart, who has a somewhat checkered past, mentioned that Twitter has a self-harm report feature. Many countries have suicide hotlines, and if you or someone you know is in danger from self-harm, it is important to reach out. The internet can be a lonely place.

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