UK teen gets 2 years jail term for buying drugs on dark web with bitcoin

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UK resident of Nuneaton has been charged with smuggling illicit drugs obtained from Bitcoin; he is now serving a two-year jail term. Authorities reported that the citizen called Dylan Bailey, who is 19 years old, used the dark web to buy ecstasy and paid Bitcoin for illicit tablets.

A supplier in the Netherlands shipped drugs to a teenager in the UK who had apparently hidden 83 ecstasy pills in a DVD case, with Dylan Bailey’s name and address on it.

The supplier shipped the package by mail, but the shipment was discovered by the Royal Mail Logistics Team. At the same time, local police have found evidence of the deal in the form of text messages on Bailey’s phone. Messages also confirmed that Bailey had made drug transactions in the past.

Police inquiries found that Bailey was promoting and selling illicit drugs to customers, saying that they would purchase “high-strength Super Mario pills.” Some clients were also willing to pay up to £50 a tablet.

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Bailey’s alleged payment of Bitcoin through the dark web to buy illegal drugs could not be an isolated event. According to Chainalysis’s study, last year, darknet markets that sell illicit substances such as narcotics received a total of $1.7 billion in cryptocurrency.

In this study, the United Kingdom ranked fifth in terms of the total value sent to or obtained from the darknet markets last year. UK residents sent crypto to darknet markets for $33 million and got $22 million. Meanwhile, the U.S. ranks second as the total amount that people in the U.S. sent to or obtained from darknet markets is $179 million.

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