Uncertainty as SEC vs Ripple may be determined by a jury

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Ripple v. SEC, according to the top crypto-lawyer, is unlikely to see a jury trial. Jeremy Hogan, a follower of the SEC case against Ripple after the regulator first sent a legal notice to the blockchain company, shared these views in his new video update.

According to Hogan, while Ripple is entitled to a jury trial, the case is likely to be determined by a judge in a summary judgement.

“I’m confident we’re looking at a summary judgement here,” he said, noting that the case against individual suspects, such as Brad Garlinghouse, could be prosecuted under different conditions.

In that update, Hogan based his research on a recent major court filing, which also revealed major timeframes and timeframes for the different events in the case.

The Court of First Instance ordered that any discovery of the evidence should be concluded no later than 2 July 2021. According to Hogan, this is a “very tight timeframe” since the discovery of evidence involves demands for the processing of records, written questions and depositions.

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Depositions, in particular, can be especially difficult and time-consuming, Hogan went on to claim, arguing that a single deposition can usually take place for at least a day or two. As things stand at the moment, ten depositions are expected to take place between today and 2 July.

It should also be noted that the court’s order also considers that “any expert discovery shall be concluded no later than 16 August 2021.” Basically, this means that a motion for a summary judgement will quickly follow, leading a judge to make a final decision about whether or not XRP is a security measure.

Finally, Hogan also sent a joint letter from the parties to the United States District Judge yesterday. According to the letter, there is currently no possibility of a settlement between the two parties.


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