Uniswap, Filecoin, VeChain Price Movement Analysis for 19th April, 2021

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Uniswap has been an innovative endeavour in the crypto space, and its token has mirrored its expansion. However, when the market crashed yesterday, the valuation of UNI and other altcoins such as Filecoin and VeChain is severely impacted.

Uniswap [UNI]

The Uniswap map mirrored the price increase seen earlier in April. Until instability struck and pulled the market down, it was still in a downtrend. The stock was currently trading at $31.75, similar to the $31.54 support level.

The crossover of the Bollinger Bands showed that uncertainty had escaped the UNI market, whilst the signal line passing over the candlesticks indicated a bearish market. However, the relative strength index noted that the digital asset was close to the equilibrium zone, which may indicate further asset consolidation.

Filecoin [FIL]

Source: FILUSD on TradingView

The long-standing support in the Filecoin map has now turned into heavy opposition. After crashing yesterday, the market was regaining ground above the $150 support level. Prior to the fall, however, $161 had been identified as firm funding. FIL was on the mend, but it was unable to break through opposition.

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Bollinger bands were signalling that market turnover had decreased. After the crash, the market has been very volatile. The signal line was attempting to pass over the candlesticks, which may mean that the market pattern was declining. Meanwhile, the FIL sector was regaining steam.

VeChain [VET]

Source: VETUSD on TradingView

The VET token has been on a crazy ride since April started, and the price drop on Sunday has little impact on the token’s status. VET started at $0.09 and increased by 180 percent in 18 days, as seen in the table. The digital commodity was trading at $0.2546 at the time of writing.

The commodity has fully recovered from its loss, and the market remains bullish. However, as the sell-off proceeded, the signal line attempted to move over the price bars. Furthermore, the MACD line moved below the signal line, indicating that the bullish run was over and that the bears could be taking over.

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