Updated list of exchanges participating in Spark airdrop from Flare Networks

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According to information from Flare Networks, the negotiation process has not been very successful, the three major exchanges Kraken, Binance and Binance US will not support the Spark airdrop token. However, the list of supported exchanges and wallets continues to be updated.


What is Flare Networks?

Flare Networks is a project from Ripple’s investment division Xpring, tasked with introducing smart contract functionality on the XRPL distributed ledger. In particular, Flare Networks will airdrop Spark token to XRP holders at a 1: 1 ratio. It is known that Spark will be used for network administration and other purposes. To operate a smart contract, it is necessary to issue FXRP (same value as XRP) – and this token is issued through Spark as collateral.

Screenshots of accounts receiving the airdrop will be taken on December 12, 2020. Therefore, we still have plenty of time to prepare before the official announcement.


Also, what exchanges support airdrop Spark token?

At the time of writing, there are a total of 18 organizations and wallets supporting Spark airdrops. Among the exchanges are: Poloniex, Uphold, NDAX, bitrue, GateHub, AnchorU $ D, BTC markets, CoinSpot. Wallets representatives with Ledger, Xumm, and Exodus are the most prominent names. In the wake of the alleged withdrawal of Spark support, Poloniex and Uphold have confirmed their support.

On the other hand, at least 5 exchanges are considering distributing Spark, in addition to Binance and Kraken. Ripple’s partners, SBI, bitibank, eToro, and Nexo, have also confirmed that they consider support for the airdrop.

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  1. Well I want to be sure I understood well, so if Ihold my ripples on my ledger nano S I will receive my Spark tokens? Or will I need to register somewhere?

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