VW teases a bigger ID.6 electric SUV ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Expect a finished version of the ID.Roomzz definition.

VW has another batch of electric cars in the works, and it isn’t waiting for the final introduction to give us a taste of what to expect. According to Autoblog, the carmaker has teased the ID.6 electric SUV ahead of its debut at the Shanghai auto show, which begins on April 21. The seven-seat EV will be bigger than the ID.4 and will come in two variants: the ID.6 X and the ID.6 Crozz. The imagery, however, indicates that it would not be as flamboyant as the Roomzz design from 2019 — VW has ditched the sliding doors in favour of more traditional entryways.

Though VW hasn’t released official specifications, Chinese regulatory leaks say you’ll get the same control as the ID.4. In regular ID.6 trim, a rear motor produces 201 horsepower, while a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive variant produces about 302 horsepower.

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The ID.6 X and Crozz are clearly aimed at the Chinese industry, according to the company. But don’t give up if you want this larger electric people haulier. VW previously told Automotive News that one ID.6 model could make its way to the United States. It wouldn’t be unexpected if this were the case. The SUV is popular in the American automobile industry, and the ID.4 can only appease local preferences as a compact crossover. Larger computers, such as the ID.6, could appeal to a larger number of customers.


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