Whale Alert: $549,000,000 in Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP on the Move As BTC Tumbles Below $10,000

Whales are moving enormous amounts of cryptocurrency as Bitcoin (BTC) once again displays its trademark volatility.

In a span of about 10 minutes, Bitcoin plunged from more than $10,000 to a low of $8,600 on the crypto exchange BitMEX, with data from the crypto analytics platform Skew showing $220 million in XBTUSD positions liquidated in a 12-hour period. BTC is at $9,515 at time of publishing, according to the aggregated price tracker CoinMarketCap.

An increasing number of crypto whales are emerging amid the wild price action.

One whale in particular initiated a massive transfer of 14,722 BTC worth $139.6 million between two wallets of unknown origin.

Here’s a look at the rest of the Bitcoin whale transactions reported in the last 24 hours. In total, high-net-worth Bitcoin holders just moved a staggering 35,844 BTC worth $349.1 million.

Meanwhile, huge amounts of Ethereum were sent from the crypto exchange Bithumb to wallets of unknown origin.

A total of 700,002 ETH worth $173.2 million was recently transferred in two separate transactions.

After unlocking a billion XRP, Ripple continues to shift around its crypto assets.

Although Ripple does not release data on the recipients of its monthly XRP sales, whale watchers are tracking wallets owned by the San Francisco payments startup to see where the crypto is flowing.

Here’s a look at the major Ripple movements in the last day, which total 132,561,496 XRP worth $27.1 million. Two of the transfers sent XRP from Ripple to unknown wallets, which could represent sales to third parties.

Ripple, which owns more than half of all XRP in existence, says it sold $1.75 million worth of XRP in the first quarter of 2020.

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