‘What happens if Bitcoin reaches $300,000? Do you think anybody would sell?’

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Dan Held, Kraken’s growth lead, tackles key hypotheticals surrounding bitcoin’s latest “supercycle.” According to his calculations, the asset’s value could reach $1 million. What happens to the digital asset after it reaches a height, on the other hand, is a totally different issue.

Dan Held had his say in the latest ‘What Bitcoin did’ podcast. He stated that the corrections that the markets witness may be subdued after this rally hits a peak. He stated:

“It certainly won’t be going from $20,000 to $100,000. It could move from $20,000 to $1 million and then only have smaller cycles after. This may be one of the final big cycles.”

Held explained what this supercycle reflected in the interview. According to him, Bitcoin’s latest bull run would not be undone by a bearish correction. He used $300,000 as a starting point for his bullish story about the asset. He continued, saying:

“What happens if Bitcoin blows past $300,000, do you think anyone’s going to sell? Maybe, but then all of the sudden the supercycle chatter becomes really intense as the reflexivity of folks wanting the narrative that fits what the price is doing starts to kick in.”

The analyst further added:

“We see this happen conversely, like [when] Bitcoin dropped a few days ago. All the bears come out and they’re like, ‘Oh it’s the end of Bitcoin, sell all your Bitcoin, we were right,’ and then the market rebounds, and boom, all the bears disappear.”

According to him, unlike the past bull-cycles where the world’s largest crypto experienced an 80% dips after touching an ATH, the current bull run won’t reciprocate the same pattern. As per his forecast, at the end of the current surge, ‘Bitcoin may end up ranging for a while instead.’

He added:

“People are like, ‘Oh for sure there will be a bear market.’ I don’t know, what if it’s just a very mild winter? Everyone predicts, ‘Oh, it has to have the same 80% drop from the last bull runs,’ I’m like, maybe, but there’s a lot of things that are different with this cycle.”

Furthermore, due to institutional acceptance, Bitcoin does not go through a “normal cycle.” The injection of institutional capital, rising economic depression, and a huge bullish mentality would all have an effect on the coin’s consolidation process.

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A recent survey published by Deutsche Bank claimed that among millennials, cryptocurrencies were increasingly replacing cash and bank cards.

Source: flow.db.com

Dan, on the other hand, was able to point out another crucial point. He predicted that Bitcoin as a medium of trade would become another use case in “a decade or two.”

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