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Where there is a price gap between two or more exchanges, there is an opportunity for cryptocurrency arbitrage.

Arbitrage is the simultaneous acquisition and sale of securities. It entails locating and selling commodities with varying market values. By buying a commodity in one market and selling it in another, you will profit from a price gap between two or more markets.


Why crypto arbitrage?


The primary aim of cryptocurrency arbitrage is to make money. There are hundreds of trading sites with a broad price distribution, which allows for price differences due to supply and demand imbalances. Since market discovery is conducted independently for each exchange, you have big exchanges with liquidity pushing the price and small exchanges trailing them.

There are two main types of crypto arbitrage:

  • Simple Arbitrage
  • Triangular Arbitrage

Easy arbitrage and triangular arbitrage are also popular and, to some degree, identical in the sense of cryptocurrency arbitrage. Both approaches necessitate high-speed networks with low latency, and they both pose almost no danger.

How crypto arbitrage works


For quick crypto arbitrage opportunities, make sure you have accounts on two trading sites, such as exchange – 1 (Binance) and exchange – 2 (Exchange) (Kraken).

Both exchanges have a similar commodity – Ripple (XRP) versus Bitcoin (BTC).

A exchange has its own order book. The highest bid price, which is the highest price that the trader is able to pay to purchase an XRP, is normally at the top of the order book. Furthermore, we have the lowest ask price, which is the price at which the seller wants to sell their XRP.


The bid and offer prices in one exchange, though, need not be the same as the bid and ask prices in the other.


The disparity in bid and ask values between two exchanges is attributed to the illiquidity of the cryptocurrency sector. As a result, we frequently observe disparities in prices across exchanges, particularly the disparity in cryptocurrency prices between South Korean exchanges and foreign exchanges.


This inefficiency is a blessing in disguise since it provides a crypto arbitrage incentive.


In the first auction, for example, if we want to buy any Ripple at market price, we will pay the lowest ask price. In contrast, when we sell the same Ripple on the second auction, we must sell it to the individual with the highest bid price.

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In this case, the price of Ripple on the second exchange is rising while it stays unchanged on the first. What counts is that the highest bid price in the second exchange exceeds the lowest ask price in the first.


Because of the price gap between the two markets, there is an incentive to arbitrage a cryptocurrency.

What you have to do is buy Ripple on the first exchange where the ask price is the lowest. Then, move these Ripple to the second exchange where you want to sell them at the highest bid price.


In the very least, the difference between the highest bid price in one exchange and the lowest ask price in the second exchange is your advantage. In fact, after trading and redemption fees are deducted, the gap would be much smaller.



Crypto triangular arbitrage


Trading between three pairs of securities is referred to as triangular arbitrage. For eg, suppose you bought 1 BTC on a major exchange platform and converted it to foreign currency on a local exchange. Then you exchange the local currency to US dollars for a return of hundreds of dollars. The incentive for fiat triangular arbitrage is often restricted to trading between exchanges that target local markers.


You will profit from the price differential between three pairs of coins by engaging in crypto triangular arbitrage. The exchange is only feasible if the coin ratios have different USD values.



Opportunities of crypto arbitrage


  • Listing on large exchanges pump the value of a coin
  • Smaller exchanges have demand and supply imbalances


Disadvantages of crypto arbitrage

  • Withdrawal limit or KYC restrictions can pose exchange issues
  • Execution risk due to volatility
  • Low liquidity
  • Transfer risks
  • Transaction fees
  • Taxes

Things to consider in arbitrage


About the fact that Crypto arbitrage restricts your visibility, you can carefully set your trades and mitigate fees by carefully selecting exchanges and procedures. Keep an eye out for arbitrage possibilities in the crypto room.

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Transaction rates are critical to the performance of crypto arbitrage. Transfer with faster coins wherever possible, preferring ETH (Ether) over BTC (Bitcoin). For best outcomes, always use reputable markets and a variety of exchanges for coins and strategies.

Arbitrage opportunities are highly time-sensitive, lasting often less than a minute. Because of these time constraints, it is very difficult for human traders to seize these openings and engage in arbitrage.


You must also remember the time it takes for the withdrawal of funds to be approved after receiving an email, Google Authenticator’s 2FA passcode, and so on. These considerations can also lead to the lack of an arbitrage opportunity.


Crypto arbitrage is usually done by trading bots to remove any of these difficulties.



Crypto arbitrage bots


When it comes to taking advantage of crypto arbitrage opportunities, the emotional thrill that comes with watching the crypto markets on a regular basis may not be the most profitable or effective way to trade. This is where cryptocurrency trading bots can come in handy.


Bots can assist traders in increasing earnings, reducing risk, and limiting losses across various exchanges. They also allow traders to earn passive income from fully automated trades on a regular basis. Several sites support algorithmic trading, but we’ve mentioned some of our favourite working bots below.


Blackbird Bitcoin Arbitrage, Catalyst Enigma, ZenBot, and other free crypto trading bots are available. Even though various crypto trading bots have different roles, their primary goal is to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities by identifying market discrepancies between exchanges and exploiting those imbalances.


Shrimpy, Hassbot, 3Commas, and Cryptohopper are some of the paying crypto trading bots.’



Is crypto arbitrage worth your time and effort?


Sure, taking advantage of a price gap between two exchanges sounds like a good idea, particularly if you want to have some hands-on experience buying and selling cryptocurrency. Furthermore, spending time, resources, and commitment in cryptocurrency can never be achieved without thorough study.

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If you want to benefit from the price gap, you must have a lot of experience purchasing and selling cryptocurrency in the sector. The experience multiplies the chances of success in crypto arbitrage. Still ask yourself, “Will the effort of completing a transaction be worth my time?”


It is therefore critical to consider any legal, technological, or financial problems that might arise. To summarise, profiting from crypto arbitrage can be impossible without the use of trading bots. That being said, we also recommend that you do your own analysis to determine whether or not crypto arbitrage will help you accomplish your financial objectives.


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