What makes Filecoin, Graph, and Ethereum suitable long-term investments?

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People have recently begun to consider tokens of decentralised protocols as possible long-term investment choices. The phrase decentralisation is frequently used as an absolute in the crypto-industry. However, this is not the case.

Decentralization is a continuum, and certain protocols, such as those built on Ethereum, are far more decentralised than their equivalents. Here’s everything long-term HODLers need to know.

Decentralization – the way forward 

Tokens associated with decentralized protocols have been appreciating in value of late. In retrospect, the market has been witnessing a rise in their demand too. Consider Filecoin, for starters. It is a decentralized L1 protocol that permits anyone to provide verifiable storage and other parallel services.

Filecoin currently has over 3000 storage providers and over 10,000 developers building applications on its network. The wide usage of this protocol has been able to generate over $1.4 billion in protocol revenue.

Similarly, Graph token’s popularity has massively risen lately, thanks to the buzz created around Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). As per data from “Spencer Noon’s” latest newsletter, API key creation witnessed a 195% growth over the last 2 months as dApps have been migrating their subgraphs from the hosted service to The Graph Network. Interestingly, the migration was majorly meant to uphold the sanctity of decentralization.

State of on-chain metrics

Well, on-chain metrics for both FIL and GRT, seemed to be appealing, at the time of writing. Buying momentum was pretty much present in both the markets. For instance, the buy trades associated with GRT had been able to fairly outpace the sell trades by over 10 million tokens in the past 12 hours alone.

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Filecoin’s trading volume too witnessed a surge over the last couple of days. For most part of August, FIL’s volume revolved around the $500-$800 million range. However, the same was oscillating well-above $2 billion lately. The value of these two alts appreciated by over 41% [FIL] and 13% [GRT] in the past week alone.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The market cap domination of these two coins has also increased. At the time of writing, FIL held a 0.2 percent market share, while GRT held a 0.17 percent market share.

Furthermore, these two currencies have a high connection with Ethereum and are well-positioned to benefit from its expected rally. As a result, long-term investors should consider incorporating these two alts into their portfolios alongside the market’s largest alt. As the usage of these two tokens grows, their respective values will rise as well.

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