Why both Bitcoin and Institutions need each other

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Before the institutions began to flood Bitcoin, it was considered the last obstacle before the crypt realised its untapped potential. Over the last 12 months, however, these institutions have made their presence known and the effect on Bitcoin’s price has been important. In reality, at the time of writing, Bitcoin was priced just under $52,000, with BTC far above its 2017 ATH charts.

However, the said effect was a two-lane street, with companies investing in bitcoin raking in profitability as well.

Bitcoin Treasuries: One stone, two birds?

With Tesla adding $1.5 billion in BTC value to its treasury, investing in Bitcoin is no longer unfamiliar. In fact, for a long time, the value of institutions investing in Bitcoin has been considered to be higher than what Bitcoin can bring to the table.

A recent Ecoinometrics study has now suggested the concept of a Bitcoin Treasures Index, one that would account for all public entities keeping the asset on their balance sheets. In the same vein, Ecoinometrics suggested a range of requirements, including a minimum holding percentage and the need for the company to trade on U.S. exchanges.

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The report referred to companies, including MicroStrategy, Marathon Patent Party, Square, Riot Blockchain, and Tesla (although Tesla’s complete ownership of BTC is not confirmed).

After calculations, it was calculated that if an investor placed capital in the Treasures Index starting from the beginning of the 3rd half, a good 12x profit will be due in less than a year.

In reality, while the increase in the index was unsurprisingly associated with Bitcoin, at the same time the stock value of public companies also increased. For eg, MSTR is up by 600 per cent, Marathon is up by 5500 per cent, and Riot Blockchain has been up by 3500 per cent since the halving.

So, does BTC need institutions or do institutions need BTC now?

However, the above article excluded a few organisations that have a vested interest in Bitcoin. Galaxy Digital Holdings is one of them, with the same 16,402 BTC holdings. It is, however, classified on the Canadian Exchange. That being said, that’s not the point.

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The GLXY stock is now up by 1,203.94 per cent over the last year. There is a strong case that, alongside Bitcoin, these public companies are also rising, and right now, BTC is likely to enter a state where it is independent of any further triggering factors.

The importance of the cryptocurrency is known around the world as numerous past opponents are becoming more accessible to the asset. Trust Funds are rising at an exponential pace, with Grayscale leading the charge every day with more BTC and ETH in its AUM.

Ergo, organisations coming to Bitcoin may be old news now. Institutions that add Bitcoin to remain relevant, however, may be the next big story ahead.

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