Why Jed McCaleb is probably “the fattest XRP whale” of the year 2020

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Crypto monitoring service Whale Warning today reported that Jed McCaleb’s projected cumulative XRP holding sales of Jed McCaleb’s co-founder and former CTO of Ripple in 2020 are around $1.2 billion, at $0.20 per XRP. The research team said this would make Jed McCaleb “the fattest XRP whale” who had “the best year to date, despite the “turbulent” times faced by Ripple and XRP, especially in the wake of the latest SEC lawsuit against the company.”

Since the former exec resigned from Ripple, the organisation has moved large quantities of XRP to McCaleb. This payment is part of the settlement agreement, which compensates him for his position as founder.

In September 2019, Ripple transferred 100 million XRP to McCaleb’s wallet below:

More recently, McCaleb obtained 133 million XRP ($48,850,963) from Ripple on 23 December, two days after the SEC complaint – after which the former CTO seemed to have halted its XRP sales:


Combined with the remaining 3,274 billion XRP settlement, Whale Warning said McCaleb will now be one of the wealthiest people in the crypto ecosytem.

However, the former CTO reported that it had earned 9 billion XRP at the beginning of the Ripple Ledger.

McCaleb is actively selling his XRP; Whale Alert’s team monitored more than 90,000 transactions and found around 8 billion XRPs to Ripple, his settlement account, and his personal accounts. The picture below displays the key addresses of Ripple concerning the activities of Jed McCaleb:

Image Source: Whale Alert

This describes how McCaleb sold $1.2 billion of XRP for a total of $411 million at an average selling price of $0.34 in 2020. Over the years, its cumulative totals for XRP sold at USD 2.25 billion XRP or USD 546 million. The picture below shows the complete XRP sold for USD by Jed McCaleb.

Image Source: Whale Alert

In addition, McCaleb transferred a large portion of his assets to Ripple and contributed approximately 140 million XRP. He sold another 19 million XRPs in January 2020.

McCaleb’s remaining assets are valued at 4.7 billion XRP (about 5 percent of the total current XRP) worth more than $1 billion. Whale Warning claimed it would take the exec two decades to sell all of his XRP at the current price of $0.20.

At press time, XRP increased by 1.4 per cent in the last hour and traded at $0.18392. However, its price decreased by 36.5 per cent over the 24-hour period.


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