Why mayor of Miami claims that 90 percent of Bitcoin mining is driven by ‘dirty energy.’

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According to Mayor Francis Suarez, the United States should resolve the environmental concerns associated with Bitcoin mining by providing clean resources for the establishment of mining hubs.

The majority of Bitcoin (BTC) is mined outside of the United States using “dirty energy,” according to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Suarez addressed the environmental ramifications of Bitcoin mining with blockchain journalist Laura Shin on the Unconfirmed podcast on March 26. According to the mayor, the United States should mine more Bitcoin for national security purposes.

“A part of the problem with Bitcoin is 90% of it is not done in the United States. 90% of it is done in countries that have dirty energy. So that’s the reason why it’s considered to be a dirty activity,” Suarez stated.

The official proposed that the United States can boost the situation by supplying Bitcoin mining and data centres with solar clean energy. “We get nuclear fuel, which means we have renewable energy.” “A virtually limitless source of renewable energy,” he added.

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As part of this national security/environmental protection target, Miami might establish a Bitcoin mining centre, according to Suarez, who added:


“It would be to benefit the crypto community if we did more mining in the U.S. because we produce clean energy so it would change that narrative and that dynamic and also in the future you will see solar and other kinds of clean technology. In my opinion, technology is going to make Bitcoin mining more efficient.”

Suarez is a big supporter of the crypto industry in the United States, having supported a variety of crypto measures in Miami, including plans to encourage Miami residents to pay taxes and earn wages in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s energy consumption rate has been increasingly rising this year, as the blockchain has scaled new statistical peaks, reigniting controversy over the cryptocurrency’s environmental issues. Bank of America analysts claimed in mid-March that Bitcoin is an economically disastrous currency, arguing that buying one BTC is equal to owning 60 vehicles.

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Bitcoin’s energy consumption rate reached another record peak on March 28, according to data from Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, with an average annual consumption exceeding 89.9 TWh.

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