XRP has taken another step forwards: Here are the specifics of the XUMM wallet 2.0.

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XUMM has launched a brand new upgraded version of its most common XRP token wallet, XUMM 2.0. This latest update implemented compatibility with iOS and Android-based smartphones, as stated in the official release notes by XRPL Labs. The addition of the CasinoCoin token exchange, along with 11 other major functionalities, was one of the main features of this new version.

Few functionalities of the XUMM wallet included:

  • The ‘Scan QR’ button in the middle of the bottom button bar was replaced by a ‘launcher’ button, where the Scan QR button was located.
  • Introduced xApps 
    xApps are small apps by the XRPL Labs team and curated 3rd parties. xApps are available in XUMM to access specific XRP Ledger features straight from the ‘launcher’ button
  • Added themes. Besides the existing Light theme, Dark, Moonlight, and Royal were available (Settings – General – Theme)
  • Added support for holding, sending & receiving NFT’s based on the XLS-14d Standard Proposal
  • Added option to hide accounts from the account switching panel, e.g. for unused, inactive accounts only used as regular key
  • In terms of developer experience, the new version comes with an updated SDK and reviewed KYC procedures for engineers who experiment with XUMM functions.
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Apart from these features, 5 other additions were implemented as mentioned in the release notes.

XUMM Wallet’s most recent upgrade included support for storing, sending, and receiving non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users will now trade and exchange collectibles designed in compliance with the XLS-14d specification proposal.

The aforementioned updates were in line with the XUMM roadmap plan. According to this map, their next upcoming release included XUMM 3.0- set to be announced in mid-2021 as specified in the mid-2020 blog post.

“We already developed a couple of important features required for XUMM 3.0: they are present (but hidden) in XUMM 2.0, so we can start testing XUMM 3.0 features with selected* community members. This allows us to work our way towards a fast and smooth XUMM 3.0 release later this year.” as stated by the company.

Past iterations of XUMM included – XUMM 1.0,  XUMM 0.60XUMM Beta 0.5.2, XUMM Beta 5 (0.5.1).

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